Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Heebee Post #925 - Jean-Pierre Comes - Limoges - France

 Jean-Pierre's colorful crystalline wonder-window makes a beautiful decorated envelope and the accompanying note sure feels sincere (even if I can't translate it - I can't tell what the actual letters are).  The Francais sports postage stamp is an added treat!
I realized I had not posted this other Mail Art piece from Jean-Pierre - yes, it was buried in my growing production of half completed projects.  But, here it is! I recalled it after seeing the newer one in the mail box!  Likewise, however,  I can't translate because, I can't tell what the actual letters are.  It also has a pleasant aura to it though.  And check out that "Fiftieth Anniversary of African Independents" ("Cinquantenaire des Independances Africaines" ) postage stamp.  A great commemorative!  Thanks Jean-Pierre and see you in the mail.

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