Monday, January 14, 2013

Heebee Post #924 - Bruno Chiarlone - Cairomont - Italy

 Some people live magical lives of Art and such is the unusually brilliant case of Bruno Chiarlone.  Bruno's very persona is Art and his hands and arms are like magical wands of Artistic Sorcery - everything he touches turns into Art!  Another great card from the Italian wizard.  Mail Art Alchemy? He does it everyday!
 I thought we should have a better look at this wild Chiarlone Artistamp. A delightfully chaotic ensemble of silhouette with colorful fragmented thoughts and images.
If truth be known, I just found this lovely postcard in a stack of current things I am working on. Apparently, from the date on the card, I have had this in my possession for nearly two months without posting! Sorry Bruno for the delay and thank you very much.  Something is on it's way to you very soon!

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