Monday, January 21, 2013

Heebee Post #930 - Sky City (Lord Fugue) - Hickory, North Carolina - USA

 I like Sky City's "Concerning Dali's Mouth Organ" reference in his "Uncertain Times" poem. That mention, coupled with the dream-like, upper class appearance of the image, reminds me of my favorite Luis Bunuel film "The Exterminating Angel" (El Angel Exterminador) 1962.  The link is for the original movie trailer - compare and see.  An unusual flavor - even for Lord Fugue - but, cool in a slightly disturbing way.
Side B of the entertaining card, is like an extra-dimensional bulletin board. The features are almost like a garage-band hieroglyphics "To do" list.  Sky City is obviously having fun. Thank you very much Scott, see you in the mail.

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