Monday, January 7, 2013

Heebee Post #920 - Anna Banana - Roberts Creek, British Columbia - Canada

 Anna is well known for a variety of wonderful talents over the many years she has been an active artist. I originally was introduced to the intrepid Anna at an artist's meeting for a proposed sculpture show in the Goodman Building in San Francisco about 1980. I spoke with her about that at the Museum of Artistamps grand opening in Seattle last November. She smilingly mentioned that she didn't remember me (after all it was only 33 years ago!).  Anyway, it  was nice making friends with her at MOA!
 I do believe that I shall be taking MS. Banana's above advice (I often do it anyway).  Happy New Year to you too Anna! Love this card!
 Anna's Scientific Art Research is a gas and Anna conducts it with an Art Research Professor's demeanor - a professional and quite serious approach!
 Anna is probably best known for her stamp making abilities as she actually prints and perforates for many stamp makers. Check the quality of her work on the above commemorative sheet for Robbie (Dogfish), the curator and creator,  for the MOA opening.  As perfect as you can stand it!  I like Jas Felter's "ECUADADA" set of three in the center of the glorious sheet. What an addition to my growing collection of Aristamps.  Thank you, thank you, I love, love it!  I'm creating my own mini museum of Faux Postage myself!
 I felt an odd closeness with Anna as we chatted at the MOA.  She seemed so cool with her friendly art aura surrounding her like a force field - it was fun being inside that art shield with her for a while!  Anyway, she sent the above affirmation that she liked me too!
Anna's decorated envelopes have a distinctive appearance and I am always very delighted to pull one of these out of my mail box - like a fisherman pulling up a Chinook (King) Salmon!  Thank you very much Anna. I have something nearly ready to send out to you - another day or two!  See you in the mail . Anna Bananaland universe of art.  

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