Monday, December 7, 2009

Heebee Post #208 - Katerina Nikoltsou - Thessaloniki - Greece

Happy Birthday IUOMA! This monumental 1 year birthday of the Mail Artists Union was happily celebrated on the 13th of November. Unfortunately I was stricken with the H1N1 Flu at the time and missed it all (I am better now - miserable experience - don't get it!). Thank you Ruud Janssen for your efforts in making IUOMA a fantastic place for Mail Artists. Check it out here: IUOMA
Wonder where the 1939 World Expo went? A casual walk through the tall Blue Grass of the Heebee Swamp will reveal it's current whereabouts. Some things wrought in the 3-D real world were cosmically meant to be here, in the 4th Dimension. There are exquisite relics to be found all over the Island.
This beautiful large poster declares the "No to Violence - Yes to Creativity" Mail Art Show in Thessaloniki. You can find out more about this current showing here: Sketbe Mail Art
This was actually two submissions from Katerina. The Grecian postage stamps are just gorgeous too! Thank you very much for these and I love that Sketbe Poster for the show. Very cool!

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