Monday, December 14, 2009

Heebee Post #215 - Russell Manning - Dallas, TX - USA

Ever get the feeling someone or something is watching you? Exploration deep into the Trans-4-D Frontier has revealed a plethora of odd life forms. Here we are shown plant-life that can actually see you. Others can hear you. These plants serve as a sort of team for the main part of the plant that can capture and digest it's prey. The vast and often perilous Frontier is not for the novice hiker.
Russell's return to the 4th Dimension is good news for Island Botanists. This is the first picture of a verified plant "Gang Member" to be shown to Heebee Scientists. There is some speculation that they may be able to communicate with the "Heads" of these organized plant systems. Nice to see you here again Russell and thanks for your interesting Art.

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