Sunday, December 27, 2009

Heebee Post #221 - Snappy - Victoria, BC - Canada

"Break on through to the other side". What is important is what you do once you are on the "Other Side". Snappy valiantly encourages 4-D Islanders to "Build it up". This is a self improvement theme that Heebee Jeebeeland endorses fully. Bravo, Snappy, Bravo!
Oh that funny dance called Life! I love the spirit in which Snappy seems to dwell. I love his stylishly cavalier attitude, although I realize it is not for everybody. What might I be talking about? Try his website to find out: Snappy Service.
Studio J in Victoria, BC, has got to be a nearly magical place to visit. So much Art is generated from this wonderful place it has just got to be a beehive of prodigious activity. Check out the festooning of Artistamps covering the cards plastic envelope. And doesn't Snappy look just like the enigmatic Holger Czukay?

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