Thursday, December 31, 2009

Heebee Post #228 - Test Tower - New Years Eve Salute to all Mail Artists

To all you wonderful Mail Artists out there: Have a glorious New Year! Cheers, Test


  1. Have an awesome year! I'm so drunk right now... But I know your 4th Dimension is one of the best places I've ever sent mail art to... OH! the sories are so marvelous! Whatever... Have fun!

    Eddie (Paranormal Mail Art/ Sleaze Demons)

  2. Dear Heebee Jeebeeland, Came across your pieces on Jennifer Z's site. Enjoyment! Please visit If you like we can start a postal bounce. I do wonder if I'll live to see the day that paper mail is a quaint thing of the past... Best, MT

  3. Hello Eduardo and Mara. Thank you for your kind words! Sending something out to you tomorrow.

    Eduardo, Let's keep on exchanging brave new worlds. 2010 should be great for that!

    Mara, Yes, this could be the start of something good! Listed your site here and saw your fantastic paintings. Love them.