Sunday, December 27, 2009

Heebee Post #222 - Arnoldia-Pondidia International - Troy, NY - USA

Celebrating Winter Solstice on Heebee Island is a festive affair! When the light finally becomes more than the dark, a celebration should be in order. This has been a grand theme for humans (do animals sense it too?) - going back to the ancients. These 4-D rabbits are racing towards the light as if the dawning of a new era!
Arnoldia (Lynn Palmiter Jr.) and Pondidia (Elizabeth Zois - Her Grace, the Dak of Droll) send in this gorgeous Winter Solstice celebration card for the delight and amusement of Heebee Islanders everywhere. Get a load of those spectacular Artistamps! Doesn't the Dak look resplendent in her holiday regalia? You bet she does! Thank you very much my friends! PS: I received this super card on the actual day of the Winter Solstice, but could not post it until today because of my recent leg injury (which is still causing a few problems, but should vanish soon).


  1. What happened to your leg, Test?

  2. Very sorry to hear you had a leg injury. Hope you're back to 100 percent soon!

  3. Bumped my left shin bone in the exact same spot 3 times in as many days and a nasty infection got in there. It's called Cellulitis and it's jolly painful. Should be okay in another week or so. Still can just barely sit up, much less walk. Ah well.......... Thanks ladies.