Thursday, December 10, 2009

Heebee Post #212 - Richard Canard - Carbondale, IL - USA

For some reason, I was thinking of Richard as I collected my mail this morning and lo, this is what I came across. He writes regarding Postmaster Kerry Jeffrey in Cornelius Oregon. I have to say, it is quite interesting to read the thoughts and musings of an actual Postmaster in his great blog: Art of the Postcard. He is displaying Mail Art sent to him inside the Post Office there. I agree Richard, it is a beautiful thing and I shall go there in January and take some snaps for this Blog. I did send something "a la Test Tower" for his display just after I received this heads up, today.
Canard is an interesting fellow and is very popular here, on the Island. As if a Mail Art Hemingway, you may like his work or not, but it is difficult to argue with his points. Thank you very much Richard, it is always a pleasure to have you in the 4th Dimension.

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