Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heebee Post #350 - Samuel Montalvetti - Buenos Aries - Argentina

You can almost feel the crackling of energy in this incredible other dimensional masterpiece! Samuel really nailed it on this one. Brilliant and Fluxurreal! I love it! 4-D-Agogo!
Inside a jammed envelope were these little gems - Projects, add & pass and various fluxus items to interest and astound!
Dada/Fluxus creations are always fun and Samuel is very good at them. The ones above are like the Heebee Jeebee Want Ads and coupons!
Welcome to the 4th Dimension Samuel. I love this package of your special brand of Fluxus Mail Art - fantastic! These rubber stamps on the envelope are really cool too. Samuel has really got it goin' on. Check out his Mail Art sites: Art Correo and Art correo de mis amigos. Thank you very much my friend. I will be working on this stuff this next week. See ya in the mail.

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