Thursday, May 27, 2010

Heebee Post #360 - Coralette Damme (The Crafty Hag) - St. Petersburg, Florida - USA

Heebee Love Bugs are popping up everywhere this Spring. The 4th Dimension jungles are just teeming with the adorable and romantic pests. As Dino used to croon: "That's Amore" or "Das ist die Liebe" - in view of the "auf Deutsch".
Coralette dances once again on Heebee shores with her happy German Bugorama card. Very nice - I'm a bit of a romantic myself! And dig that crazy Artistamp! Great card my dear Hag! Thank you very much and nice to see you here again. You can check her MA site here: Dread Lippencott's Menagerie and also find her hawking her fine wares here: The Crafty Hag.

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