Sunday, May 23, 2010

Heebee Post #356 - Kit Gonzales Moore - Albuquerque, New Mexico - USA

Alien abduction or Dancing with the Space Stars? This is quite a gem folks. Acrylic on cardboard and very vibrant with superbly wonderful detail.
This beautiful mail art box arrived a bout a week ago with it's sides viciously crunched in. After some careful restorative surgery by a Heebee med team, we were able to present this mini-masterpiece in pretty fair shape.
Very nice to have Kit back on the Island - especially with a mail art treasure like this one. Thank you very much my dear friend. Your Art is marvelous and out of this world!


  1. Well...was there anything inside?

  2. Well, you know.....there was a lot of stuffing to keep it from squishing - but to tell the truth, I prodded, pushed, pulled and made it straight again - never fully checking the inside to see. I just didn't want to ruin it further - now I feel ridiculous not having made certain. I didn't actually feel anything when my fingers were inside...., I'll have to ask Kit.....ugh! You are absolutely right Adamandia - what was I thinking? I'll be back with an answer after while! Sheesh!

  3. Okay folks, it's official - I checked with Kit (I didn't want to ruin it by opening it if I didn't have to again). As I suspected, there isn't anything inside. It is a beautiful Mail Art specimen just by itself!