Sunday, May 23, 2010

Heebee Post #355 - Richard F. Yates (Supreme Bunny Warlord) - Longview, Washington - USA

A good old fashioned spiritual cleansing is one of the many services offered here on Heebee Island. Richard will leave his unwanted parasite guest here in the 4th Dimension and return home from his vacation a much better man with a new spring in his step!
A Window Teaser, according to Richard, is something you see in a store window that promises to change your life - but after you buy it and take it home, your life remains unchanged. Unlike and in sharp contrast to Heebee Vacations.
Welcome to the 4th Dimension my friend. Island locals are getting quite a kick out of Richards chaotic art. These pics are actually taken from the little Zine he sent in. Very unusual entertainment but quite cool. Thank you Richard.

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