Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heebee Post #354 - Boo Cartledge - Louisville, Kentucky - USA

Cosmic particles and a sew-a-bunny. The fabric that makes up the 4th Dimension can often include the most unlikely features. Cosmic sew-a-bunnies, long considered to be mythical, do in fact exist and are a treat to behold. Like a "Blue Moon" they are not seen regularly and are sometimes regarded as omens here on Heebee Island. Boo's 4-D history lesson (upper left) is an interesting fact as well.
"My real Mail Tree"! Boo says she became tired of putting her Mail Art into a box and so dragged home a large Willow tree branch to display her treasures of the post. She named her living room show in humorous reference to Andy T Geezer's "My Real Wall". Boo, you are a gas! Great cards! You can find out what is on her mind here: It's only a book. Thank you very much.


  1. I must correct the one factual error in your comments, darling. It's a pussy willow branch. I'd never drag a weeping willow branch home. Might flood the place.

  2. Okay folks, she's right of course. Just for the record, she did mention that in her note - so, Pussy Willow branch! I stand corrected.

  3. I've just happened upon this piece again and am astounded at how fabulous it is. I must do more of the same. There are bunnies running through my holiday mailart, too. And I neglected to tell you back in May how precise and beautiful your exegesis of this postcard was. Eternally yours --