Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Heebee Post #353 - Servane Morel - Brussels - Belgium

The Heebee Jungle comes alive and gives a new meaning to the term "Wildflowers" in this 4th Dimensional dance number that has audiences in the Confuse-A-Tron Lounge going gaga! There is no bigger fan of Servane's marvelous work than Heebee Jeebeeland and this one is another beauty from her playful genius mind.
Servane brings up a good point here. Yes, the deadline for the Heebee Jeebee mail call show is nearly up (June 1). So let me explain what is happening here. The Mail Art public showing is now for June 20th, but does not look like it will happen that soon because the Gallery is relocating across the street from it's former location - here in Centralia. This is taking longer than expected and so the Heebee Jeebee Mail Art show (which is the opening show for this gallery) will have to be postponed until the new spot is finished. Evidently, it will be well into the summer and so I will let this site continue at least until then or even indefinitely (there seems to be some popular demand)!
I will be introducing a new Mail Art call very soon in addition to the 4th Dimension - I know some are a bit tired of Heebee Island and need new adventure horizons (me among them). So stay tuned here for a new development which will be heralded in from this humble site very soon.
As for Servane: There are a few Mail Artists that I like as much, but none I like more than this one. I adore her work and she never fails to entertain fabulously! Thank you my lovely friend. You can find Servane weaving her magic here: Lettres d'ailleurs and also here: Marvels of the World.

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