Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heebee Post #312 - Kiki Desvaux - Le Vigen - France

" Among the interesting methods of getting around the Island is this adventurous looking "Le Velorobot". Complete with the "Embrayage Automatique" (Automatic Clutch). Try riding one of these babies around the 4th Dimension for a while. That's entertainment! This postcard is large and made quite nicely.
Very Happy to find Kiki roaming around the Heebee Jungle paths on her wonderful Velorobot. I have been a fan of this prolific Mail Artist for some time now. She mentions Servane Morel (Belgium) in her note - I find it very amusing to check out the lively exchanges between these two talented ladies and some of their friends, on their Mail Art sites. Mail Art at it's best! See for yourself: Kiki's Mail Art and Servane's Mail Art. Thank you very much Kiki - see you in the Mail soon!


  1. Thank you very much Test ! I will be back in Heebee Jeebee Island, you welcome me with so much kindness !

  2. Test, je reviendrai aussi avec Kiki! ... Il est dangereux de Voyage avec elle! mais ça va être drôle d'avoir un certain temps, tant au jeebeeland Heebee!

  3. I don't understand why my comment is in french !... I've writed it in english !... The translation is horrible ! So I said that " I'll come back with Kiki ... It's dangerous to travel with her ! but it'll be funny to spend some time with her at Heebee jeebeeland !"!

  4. yes, with my excellents 4th dimension cheese cakes !

  5. Ha ha! You ladies are the best and I sure meant what I wrote. See you both soon in the Mail my lovely friends.