Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Heebee Post #315 - R.F. Cote - Quebec, QC - Canada

4th Dimension microscopic investigation by Heebee Scientists reveal an incredible unseen world that most visitors here will never see. The very puzzling evidence found here will take years of study to determine what the 4th Dimension is actually composed of.
It is very nice to find Reg back on Heebee sand and having a grand time of it. Can't help but notice that interesting Artistamp depicting a national deficit problem. Canadian budget deficit. A drop in the bucket compared to our massive problems! Ugh! I sure like the beautiful Canadian postage here. Nice card Reg, thank you very much. You can view this Artist's Mail Art site here: R.F. Cote Mail Art. Also, he runs the very cool Mail Art zine Circulaire 132. Check it out.

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