Friday, April 23, 2010

Heebee Post #330 - Richard Canard - Carbondale, Illinois - USA

Ladies and gentlemen, Richard Canard! After an apparent hiatus (cavorting and Lotus sniffing in his Heebee Territory Island retreat), Richard emerges as brilliantly as ever - (4th Dimension management will have to take care of his spending rampage however- as usual).
Richard confides that he was invited to speak at an Art Tourism and Mail Art class at the local community college. He says he brushed up on his Ray Johnson and Fluxus and "all that jazz"; but when he arrived, all they wanted to talk about was "Test Tower this and Test Tower that".
Richard continues to report that soon they began chanting and singing something about yours truly and became enthusiastically engaged in building several ersatz towers in the classroom. Oh, the reverence - I'm blushing!
Richard even declares that he happily joined in the frenzy. Now, I feel like I should build a "Canard" in reciprocation! Richard, I tip my hat old man!
The "Thomas Kinkade Complex" - perfect! The Island is, as is their custom, in a merry commotion with the return of Richard's unique Mail Art. This is quite a treat for the Locals because wherever Richard goes around here, fun is sure to follow. Thank you very much my friend, nice to see you here again! See you in the mail.


  1. I LOVE THIS>>> THIS IS AWESOME!!!! ha ha ha!!!!

  2. "Test Tower! Test Tower!" it!