Sunday, April 25, 2010

Heebee Post #331 - Sharon Kennick - Flagstaff, Arizona - USA

"Cathedral of the Ancients". An ancient site of worship in the Fauxreal Republic - Sharon Kennick's realm of interest. You can really get the feel of a spiritual upheaval here - very active goings on, like staring into the open maw of a busy ethereal volcano. I'll put the brochures for this place on the Heebee Resort info table - a nice day trip from the Island!
Sharon Kennick is a lively and happy soul with a lot of zeal for what she does. I really like this other-worldly card, I just wish I could display it properly here - it is better seen in person. Welcome to the 4th Dimension my friend - I'll be sending something to you and Kris soon. You can find Sharon holding court in her very feel good Art blog here: Divine She Studio. Thank you very much my talented friend.

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