Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heebee Post #321 - Wilma Duguay - Bonaventure, Quebec - Canada

Wilma arrives in on Heebee Island via an unusual and daring, but utterly delightful, canoe journey. This is a gorgeous submission and I love, love, love it! Just imagine Wilma paddling away in her durable red canoe, under a mind boggling 4-D cosmic sky. Not to mention over a 4-D Sea of wonder, teeming with aquatic life.
It's no secret that Wilma has a great affinity for the ocean and the Art seen above proves it. Personally, I kind of know how she feels - I could never live too far from the coast. The bizarre irony of it is that I get something that feels like claustrophobia if I am too far inland for too long. I know, this makes no sense, but that's the way it is for me. So, right on Wilma!
This lovely lady also sent these Canadian Olympic stamps and an official pin from the Vancouver 2010 international affair (not shown). These are beautiful and will fit in nicely with my large collection.
Nice to have you back in the 4-D Territories my dear Wilma. Thank you very much for goodies and the Art. I see she has a PC (tictac) Artistamp on the envelope. You'll find more of PC's art in the following posting (#320). Wilma has a Oceanic themed blog: The Sea Exhibition. This was a fun package to receive - thanks again my friend.

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