Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Heebee Post #332 - Art Tower (Gunter Schwind) - Aschaffenberg - Germany

"Tourist on the border" is what Cousin Arty's lovely postcard reads. Gunter sends in this commemorative card that recalls his wonderful trip to the 4th Dimension last summer. His card refers to the Dimensional border that separates the Heebee Territories from the 3-D real world. You can see my dear cousin in his motorcycle attire on the left - a special outfit for his festive vacation here.
Everybody here in the 4th is expecting Gunter to return to Heebee Island later in the year. We sure hope this exciting rumor is true. An interesting itinerary awaits him when he does. The Island rolls out the red carpet for those adventurous enough to make the trip here. Love the Gingerbread Man coming alive from the textile pattern and the cool Artistamps. Find Gunter operating his Mail Art control center here: Art Tower Mail Art.

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