Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heebee Post #328 - Keith Buchholz (Fluxus St. Louis) - St. Louis, Missouri - USA

Yes, this is an actual published song. A younger Louis and his "Hot Five" sound great as they get plenty funky with this number: PLAY. Sounds pretty darn Heebee Jeebee to me. Even in the 4th Dimension - who doesn't like Louis Armstrong?Nice to see Keith back on the Island. Keith and a mob of merry Fluxists recently had a grand time of it in NYC at the Stendhal Gallery, the Emily Harver Foundation Gallery, Printed Matter and various establishments that would tolerate them. Heh. It is certainly a pleasure to see the wonderful camaraderie they all displayed. I know, I would have enjoyed being there - blast it!. Get an insiders view and check out the fun these creative Artists have when left to their own devices: "NEW YORK 2010". A lot of the usual suspects were there and in great form! Thank you very much Keith - for the card and the antics!

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