Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heebee Post #552 - Susanna Lakner (Planet Susannia) - Stuttgart - Germany

"Oui a peur d'une Femme"? ("So afraid of a woman?"). Talented veteran Mail Artist Susanna Lakner returns to the Affair with this oddly sultry and captivating postcard posing the question that lurks in the darkness of male unconscious thought.
This card really took a beating in the post on the way here. The actual card that arrived here is on the left - you can see that it is surface scraped rather badly - compare to a perfect digital copy I took from Planet Susannia. Quite a difference. I just had to show a clean version because I love this moody beauty ( "....and she's got a look, 'cause she's in a state!"). Fantastic work!
I am always quite pleased to discover something from Planet Susannia in the post box. Thank you very much. There are some artists that seem to always be having fun - Susanna is definitely one of them!


  1. It´s unbelievable what happend always on the postway over the Atlantic Ocean ... Aliens with scrub brush working on my postcards in the cargospace? And what does it mean the blue pen scribble...? Grrrr....! I ´ll send you in the future only in envelopes.

  2. Anyway: "Qui a peur d'une Femme"? ("Who afraid of a woman?"). The aliens working very competent. :-)

  3. More precisely:
    Who's afraid of a woman?