Monday, March 28, 2011

Heebee Post #569 - Jennifer Kosharek - St. Petersburg, Florida - USA

Jen sure captures the Fluxus Affair 'feel' with this splendid slice of charted romance. It has been a while since my dear friend has submitted something here and she hit the Affair nail right on the head. One of my favorite things in life is reading facial expressions - especially when taken out of context - and this is a lovely example of what I mean. Love it Jen!
The brilliant "eve-n-odd" gallery is a unique shop that is the current brainchild of the very creative Jen and is another of the many gems to be found in beautiful St. Pete. Outsider, Folk, local art, Fluxus, collage and candy! Anything Jen is involved in is automatic fun and it is just oozing out all over this place! See if I am wrong: eve-n-odd and Wee Hoo's Looking Glass.
There are few artists that posses as much energy as this human dynamo. I have been pretty close pals with Jen for a long time and it is really great to see her in all her glory these days with the shop and all. Her current Mail Art project is a fun one as well: Utopia/Dystopia. I'm sending something extra special for your shop my dear. Thank you very much!


  1. Wow! now THAT'S Fluxus Art!!!!!
    Just to let you know, Test, i am saving the ephemera for my own work for this theme. Watch and wait. I'm workin' on it! ;)