Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heebee Post #557 - Frips - Gent - Belgium

Veteran Mail Artist Frips appears on the Affair with a mighty dose of her distinctive and delightful work. The envelope was bulging with all manner of mail art mayhem!
An 'Add and Pass' (1 of 3) that was included in the fun pack. Can you see where I added my new "Happy Mail Trails" insignia?
These delicate bunny Artistamps are just cool and perfectly Frippish! Love her style and technique.
This Mail Call was included. Soccer anyone?
Now where could Frips have gotten a hold of this very old snapshot of Heebee Jeebee Island? Note the original castaways flocking to the very first Tower that was built there. Brilliant!
The clever Frips also breathed a gaseous life into this ethereal spectre.
This stunning vision is a result of her interesting camera work that she has been conducting for a very long time. Architecture-a-go-go! Great work!
It is always a grand time of it when the talented Frips is on the premises. Always a favorite, she is an old mail art friend of which I am thankful to have. She runs the popular Frips Mail Art. Thank you very much!

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