Saturday, March 19, 2011

Heebee Post #563 - Ryosuke Cohen (Brain Cell - Life Form) - Moriguchi-City, Osaka - Japan

I received this Brain Cell Fractal from Ryosuke just a day or two before catastrophe struck the mighty country of Japan. I am very worried for our wonderful friends and what shall further befall those sturdy, polite and clever people as these agonizing days of repair and survival continue. Ryosuke is pretty far away from the disaster area, but this is a tricky business now. I hope you will stay safe my friend - I love your country and wish the best.
Here is the list of contributors for this Brain Cell (#784). Your name could appear here if you send in some stuff to Ryosuke's ongoing project. It is quite a badge of honor, if you are a mail artist - and if you do not know who Ryosuke Cohen is, you need to check this out: Ryosuke Cohen Official site.
Ryosuke's Bulletin Board. Damn near hurt myself reading this!
The Affair could not be happier to have the mail art Mecca artist Ryosuke Cohen visiting with his stupendous Brain Cell Fractal composition. I have admired his work for years and the Affair also admires his graceful countenance as well (The affair notices things like that)! Thank you very much my friend and your country shall stay in our prayers!

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