Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Heebee Post #571 - Cheryl Penn - Glen Anil, Kwa-Zulu Natal - South Africa

No doubt about it - Cheryl Penn gets it. She is a force to be reckoned with and the Affair is delighted to find her ponderous and mysterious works in the post box. I love her sewn on shiny clear lamination that make this piece feel important - Like a prized vintage baseball card. The fact that the card remains a secret is a nice touch too - like an unread love-note or an anonymous lover. Sweet!
South African postage is always a delight to see. Those two large stamps are actually hooked together - That is how you buy them? Very interesting. Great work Cheryl - I love your stuff.
Cheryl has an uncanny knack of drawing people together for community projects - and they are invariably a lot of fun. This is the cover of the mini booklet of 8 pages that comprises a 'chapter' of "Circles of your mind" that has about 10 participants. I must admit, my portion of this project is not yet completed and I am feeling badly about that. As Cheryl herself has said "Sometimes life gets in the way". I'll be finishing that up very soon - sorry old girl!
Above is 4 of her pages and together that is an A4 size. Fabulous as you see it here and when put in book (linear) form - 'fun' to read.
The other 4 pages of her 'chapter'. Cheryl actually teaches Mail Art in South Africa and, as you can see, she is a very savvy, encouraging and an extremely creative artist and must be adored by her students.
Thank you very much Cheryl - marvelous work! I also have a couple more mini booklet 'chapters from other artists working on this same project - I'll be showing them off here before too long. To each of you, I apologize for my portion being a bit late (it's been a month!) Ugh! See you in the mail Cheryl. Cheryl Penn Artworks , Cheryl Penn Artistbooks. And Cheryl Penn Collection.

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