Friday, April 1, 2011

Heebee Post #572 - Aurelie Berthelon (Lilou) - Documentation for "Marianne" Project - Saint-Privat - France

Lilou sends in fantastic documentation for the wonderful Mail Art call "Marianne". For many years, She was the female allegorical symbol for victory - representing liberty, freedom and "The triumph of the Republic". Though her image changed over the years and today has nearly faded into obscurity, she is usually seen depicted as she was first created - for the first French Republic wearing her "Phrygian" cap and wielding a spear.
The "Marianne" booklet, when opened up, is an A4 size and an absolute delight to read. The booklet is well made and rather a classy job at documentation.
My participation in this call was quite a while ago (3 years?) and I was, frankly, happily surprised to receive this. There are so many super contributions to this project. I decided to show a few pages from it. You can see my effort in the lower right corner.
Seen above is the Marianne I made for Lilou's fabulous project - pulled from my old files."Always on top"!
I couldn't help but to notice that I was the only American to join in the fun Francais mail call. I had not realized that until I received this. Thank you very much Lilou - Since your distinguished project is still going on, I shall be sending you another piece for your collection. Litterartis Arte Poste. Check out the lively French mail art!

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