Monday, April 18, 2011

Heebee Post #583 - Valery Shimanovsky - NIzhnekamsk, Tartarstan - Russia

Veteran mail artist and all around bon vivant Valery Shimanovsky returns to the Affair with this extraordinary set of ATC's (3). It's not easy to manufacture fascination and these three fellows do a good job in that regard. Can't take my eyes of of them!
Two decidedly Russian mail calls to have fun with. Valery's "Sviyazhsk" on the above left and Tatiana Makarova's "Bulgar" on the right. These historical natured themed calls are interesting and fun - give one a try?
It is always a pleasure to host a visit from Shimanovsky. And I see "24 MAR 2011" stamped clearly - That means it is only taking 3 1/2 weeks from Russia these days - That is an improvement by a good margin! Sad, but true. Ah well, makes it seem so much farther away and exotic. Thank you very much Valery. Check out his merrymaking Valery Mail Art. See you soon in the post.

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