Monday, April 25, 2011

Heebee Post #586 - Mara Thompson - Santa Monica, California - USA

Mara Thompson's current appearance here on the Affair is an attractive 'double bubble' of creative postcard manufacturing. Comprising this set of handsome cards is the clever pairing of a universally delightful treat - Milk and Cookies! Seen above is the "Milk Wagon". A striking card with a technique that keeps the eye interested and busy.
It's counterpart, equally as charming, is the "Cookie Wagon". Gorgeous and fanciful work in a kind of 1960's Pop feel (Mary Poppins?). The Affair is quite happy to have these curious "Action Snacks" - Great work!
Thank you very much Mara, the postcards are super and as a pair are especially fun. Nice to see you again and watch your mail box old girl. Mythmara Mail Art.

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