Friday, April 8, 2011

Heebee Post #577 - Christine H. (The Daily Postcard) - Portland, Oregon - USA

The Affair was certainly happy to receive this lovely decorated envelope from Christine of "the Daily Postcard", one of my favorite websites. I love the 'Ocean Liner' paper she used to create the envelope. The spider theme is continued below.
This interesting tiny souvenir card (1.75" x 2.75") is one of a set of little New York tourist cards that were purchased in a pack. This one, "The Spider Web", is the top of the Brooklyn Bridge, which is actually a promenade deck for pedestrians - the busy traffic traveling below them. Be sure to visit "The Daily Postcard" if you enjoy things like this - Christine does an excellent job there.
Christine also left a friendly correspondence note, not shown, but above is the splendid vintage official Republic of South Africa stationary (requisition form?) letterhead. It is written in English and Dutch. I did not realize the Dutch East India Company founded Capetown and when the British took over, the Dutch settlers, called the Boers, moved inland and actually had wars with the Brits and the indigenous peoples over the minerals (diamonds, gold, etc.) and other resources. A very colorful history for that fascinating country. Thank you very much Christine! Keep an eye on your Post Box - something is on it's way.

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