Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heebee Post #589 - Kiki Desvaux - Le Vigen - France

Kiki rejoins the Affair with this splendid edition of Artistamps that look quite familiar! The reproductions are exquisitely done in six "plate blocks". I'm not sure why I have never made these into artistamps before - they are lovely! Thank you very much for making my stuff look great Kiki dear! Perfect job - Love 'em.
Another fantastic envelope in the spirit by the clever Ms. Desvaux. Lovely artistamps and James Dean and the beating heart = Fluxus Affair. Thank you to one of my favorite mail art friends - See you in the mail! Ce que je recois.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely gift from dear Kiki! You lucky devil.
    I'd suggest your "fortune favors the bold" one for a button which others can display on their blog sidebars, and which may like doorways into your dimension. Think about it. I know there's a way.
    Only reason we haven't gotten around to it for PPS's purposes is that we are still trying to get our design concept put together (believe me, it's in the works and still idling).
    Anyway, if you make one, we will surely post it at our gang's home blog.