Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heebee Post #580 - Lothar Trott - Zurich - Switzerland

I am certainly glad to see that the report of Lothar (from his own pen!) no longer being involved in Mail Art has been highly exaggerated. Great to have you back again my old friend - Although I still am finding, after all these years, that your work is still a bit 'cryptated', although very entertaining! Above is the little artistbook's first four pages. I think I'm getting the message, but it is, as usual, puzzling evidence.
I see that I am a contributor ("Feel the Power") as is veteran Mail Artist Buz Blurr in the 4 pages shown above. Don't get me wrong folks - I am a big fan of Lothar's work and it is always interesting to 'feel' what his passionate global thinking mail art is about. Be sure to fasten your seat belt when analyzing his work.
By the way, Lothar, I just sent you something a couple of days ago, so be on the lookout. It really was a treat to find you here, on the Affair - I had feared I would not hear from you again. I hope you are staying well and active and being happy. I know you won't forget to have fun once in a while! Thank you very much.

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