Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heebee Post #553 - Cheryl Penn - Glen Anil, Kwa-Zulu Natal - South Africa

Cheryl Penn drops into the Affair with this magnificent 4 card set of "The Women Who Hold Up the World" and believe it when she adds: "I am one".
These are like jumbo ATC's - beautifully crafted, each encased in plastic and sewn up. What a great look!
A while ago, I borrowed a phrase from Keith Buchholz - "Concept Wrangler". Cheryl is also able to wear that badge and has the uncanny ability to wrangle out concepts at a prodigious rate - at no loss of quality!
These are just stunning, a bit haunting and I cannot get enough of them. The entrancing thought process is truthful and rather revealing. Cheryl Penn is fearless! These are, all 4, fabulous!
What a delight to have these 'Jumbo' ATC's. They really make you take a leap when viewing them. Super job Cheryl - I am enchanted! It sure is fun trading art with her - she's a real 'Dynamo'! Check out just how busy this artist is: Cheryl Penn's Artistbooks - Cheryl Penn Artworks - Cheryl Thank you very much my friend - See you in the mail.

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  1. Oh, lucky, lucky you, Test! Don't you just love our gal Cheryl's work? It wows me every time!