Friday, August 16, 2013

Heebee Post #1034 - Frips - Ghent - Belgium

 This wonderful folkie artistamp sheet does a good job of  pleasing the eyes and mind. Frips really captured this beach scene in a perfect sense. Hard to take your view away from the warming feeling of an old photo that you are fond of.  Her carved prints, enhanced accordingly with paint and perforation, seem to exist in the ponderous world of distant memory.
Her creative Philatelic variations cover a wide spectrum of experimentation and fun.  These red duo-portraits are printed with a glossy surface that, seen in person, gives them a sort of  "Special Edition" appeal.

    A closer look at one of the duo-portrait stamps.  Are these lovely stamps demonstrative of the nature of political correctness that is so common these days?

More of the Fripspost artistamps.  I like the austere feel of the common items she often depicts - this one, a simple avocado made noble by it's appearance as a handsome stamp.

Frips most likely will fit in at least one of her trademark Felines, usually napping royally or luxuriously stretching - blissfully oblivious to worldy matters.

Here, the artist admits to her "Take the Bull by the horns" demeaner. I have had the pleasure of knowing Frips for a long while now and can concur with this outlook - particularly with art.  
Another superb carved block print. This fellow reminds me of Chinatown in San Francisco.  My children were always enchanted by the ancient man deftly playing his happily complaining Erhu.
I would like to mention that a warm note of friendship was graciously included in this batch of goodies.  Thank you very much my dear friend, you made my day (again!). I have just sent something out to you a few days ago - Stand by for Mail Art! Frips Mail Art.

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