Saturday, August 24, 2013

Heebee Post #1038 - Jennie Hinchcliff (Red Letter Day) - San Francisco, California - USA

 I have to say, this is an extraordinary treat for the Mail Art world and it is occurring in my favorite city, San Francisco!  Ex Postal Facto in Feb. 2014 should prove to be an extremely satisfying event - three days of getting together and wallowing in a wonderful, refreshing  Mail Art and Faux Philatelic (Artistamps) lifestyle. I can hardly wait for the chance to blab mail art blab and meet as many artists as I can there. I hope you, dear reader, will be among those that I do meet.  San Franciscans, Red Letter Day's Jennie Hinchcliff and the legendary John Held Jr. will be hosting and curating the curious affair and this all seems almost  too good to be true.  3 days! I smell a big special party on the horizon for everybody that digs the popular world-wide art genre.
It really doesn't get any better than the above proposition.  Click on the image to see the soon to be enjoyed details.  I know I'm going to be having a super time next Feb. in SF -  Check out Jennie's Red Letter Day for more info. and let's all have some fun!  Thanks Jennie and looking forward to meeting up with you in the City by the Bay in 2014.


  1. Test -- thanks for the kind words and excitement about Ex Postal Facto! I'm glad that we're going to have a chance to meet up once again, outside of the mailbox. :-) See ya in February!

  2. Thanks to Jennie aka Red Letter Day I saw your post and I look forward to meeting you here in SF in February at the mail art fest. Had to miss all the fun in Seattle since I was out of the country but I'm not missing this.

  3. Well, I have to say, February cannot get here quickly enough! I'll be happy just to be in SF again (I miss it terribly sometimes) - and to be in the company of like-minded artists is like treasure, greater than treasure. I'm spellbound with anticipation for the vibrant event and will sure be smiling when meeting you again Jennie. And Pamela, I received a very cool postcard from you this afternoon and it made my day! It will be my great pleasure to meet you! Ain't life grand?

    1. I'm looking forward to meting you too -- happy you enjoyed the card. February will be great in SF thanks to Jennie...