Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Heebee Post #1036 - Joey Patrickt - Oakland, CA - USA

 The mysterious syrupy yellow concoction being glugged down by the merry skeletal x-ray seems to be furnishing an interesting vision of the popular Japanese Mail Art genius Ryosuke Cohen inadvertently walking into Joey's "CXC Propane Pantyhose card".  To me, the vision seems to have Ryosuke thinking about the eternal Beach Boys classic line "Wish they all could be California Girls".  Being from California myself, I must admit this song has rung my bell from time to time over the years. I like your glugging vision Joey!  
I see Joey the Pontiff presiding over the reverse side of the "Vision" - snug and jolly in his ornate window.  Thanks for the card and the brief walk down memory lane. Be seeing you in the mail old boy!


  1. I find your interpretation anusing, thanks. Maybe someday I'll dram of you in one of my CXC post cards.

  2. Hey Joey,
    One of the things I am looking forward to at the Ex Postal Facto event in San Francisco next Feb. is meeting you. Hope you will be there - I am detecting fun in our future...................
    Cheers, Test.