Saturday, August 24, 2013

Heebee Post #1037 - Norbert Koczorski - Diepholz - Germany

 Norbert sends in this remarkable Swedish damsel washing her "Fuzzy" postcard.  This country gal sure seems to be amused with her own antics. Not only does she thwart uncleanliness, disease and infirmity but, she creates a grand sense of well being. This seemed to be a funny ritual in which to create an interactive postcard.

Well, I couldn't resist trying it out.  This card has such a great novelty feel to it that it was difficult to put back down!

The reverse side of Norbert's hilarious "Bathing" postcard features a green Koczorski artistamp that just defies the ascertainment of what the subject is doing. Eating his shoe? And this little guy:

Love this jovial mustachioed Wizard with his magic mail.

Kutterfarht = Cutter ride or boat trip.  Norbert doubled down with this second of his postcard fun. And lo, there is sailor Stickman in all his splendor waving to us gloriously. Lust auf Meer? (Love the Sea?) - oh yes,  especially with that mail art tart Fluxus Girl riding the waves with him.  Sorry folks, there is just no controlling  the headstrong Fluxus Girl - she just jumps into anybody's postcards and we here in Heebee Jeebeeland are powerless to stop her.
Thank you very much Norbert - I enjoyed the two cards immensely.  I sent you something to you a few days ago - see you then!

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