Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Heebee Post v#1041 - Otto D Sherman - New York, New York - USA

 Ladies and Gentlemen, the longtime illustrious Fluxist, Bill "Picasso" Gaglione in a blaze of faux finery.  Otto sends in a large decorated envelope containing various artistamp sheets and these three fantastic portraits of this popular mail art legend.  These three 6" x 4" cards are actually from a set of 7 made by Otto.

In the Mid 1960's, Bill and friends ( including Ray Johnson) created the New York Correspondence School

 Gaglione currently runs Stampland in Chicago and is still deeply involved in various Dada and Fluxus events.
 Several spectacular artistamp sheets were included.  The clarity of printed image of the stamps is exquisite - even if you don't agree with some of Otto's political leanings.    He can often be rather sardonic.

Each individual stamp is a peculiar, sometimes even confounding, observation by the artist - very nicely done.

 On the other hand, Otto is quite whimsical and downright playful

This one from that wonderful "Beasties" stamp sheet.
 I'm not too sure that there is anybody more prodigious at stamp creation than Otto. Set after set of marvelous work.

A close up of his "By Special Appointment" set.

 This deluxe stamp sheet is perforated, as opposed to the "cut apart" style seen earlier.

Thank you very much Otto. I have received an enormous quantity of Otto's various art endeavors and really can't figure out how anybody can create that much stuff - and so I remain impressed with his work ethic. See you in the mail! Otto Art.

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