Friday, August 3, 2012

Heebee Post #816 - Andrew Topel - Orange City, Florida - USA

 Some things that arrive in the mail are astonishing. The example in point are these lovely prints that are actually done on an exquisitely delicate fabric (not unlike toilet paper). How he accomplished this feat without a single rip in the fabric is nothing short of marvelous!
 Not to mention that his compositions and imagery can coax the viewer into a wonderful 'Mail Art Spell' with Andrew as a sorcerer of the post.
 It is hard to tell how fine and delicate these spellbinding prints actually are without seeing them first hand. Also,  it is difficult to scan and reproduce them properly - Ah, well. And please notice Andrew's "t) issue" right above the fellows in hats. They really are quite similar to Loo tissue - except much bigger, but just as delicate.
 This Artistbook, "Dust" by John M. Bennett and Andrew (2012), is #18 of 30 printed and signed by the authors. I am quite delighted to have this 6 page classy little dynamo. Check out some of the pages below.
 This is 'Visual Poetry' that can be described as superb in it's art form. You want to know how to create traditional style Visual Poetry to amaze your friends - then take a good look at the beauties found in this booklet. That's how it's done folks. Splendid work fellas.
 This little printed collection just keeps on kicking butt. Look at this thing! It even posses some of the achy art pain and pathos found in Dali's work.
 The mysterious reason for the "Poetry/ Energy"equation. You guys must feel like scientists sometimes! Nicely done.

This action packed piece appears almost as a quarrel of some kind (with ganglia flailing!).

Like a weather vane that tells the wind which way to blow, this powerful piece just seems to take over. Beautiful in its 'Dance of Dominance".

This is both sides of the decorated envelope that brought all this to Heebee Jeebeeland. Great stuff Andrew, thank you very (and Bennett too) much for the landslide of super art. Loved it all old boy! I'll be seeing you quite soon in your post box as well!

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