Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heebee Post #823 - Norbert Koczorski - Diepholz - Germany

Sweden's "Postmuseum" has the reputation for being the finest Postal Museum in the world! Norbert sends in what appears to be a souvenir 'Postkort' from the museum itself (with notable enhancements). The postcard explains the "Stockholmia 55" rare stamp exhibit, happening there. I have always adored postage stamps and would love to attend such an affair. Nice card Norbert.
I love the altered postage found on the above panel - Stickman is hilarious. The written message indicates that Stickman is a "her"?  I must say, it is difficult to tell. Anyway, both Fluxus Girl and Stickman have both expressed regards - could the panel below possibly be in their future?
I'm no Mail Art matchmaker and cannot foresee the future of these PO Box Icons. I'll just leave it at that. Who can know these things? Thank you very much Norbert - be seeing you in the mail. Enjoy the Stamp Show.

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