Friday, August 24, 2012

Heebee Post #827 - Gunter Schwind (Art Tower) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

 This handsome decorated envelope just makes your eyes feel good. Is it the cool blue? The friendly looking rodent pen pal? It sure is appealing -nice one Gunter.  I remember that during Art Tower's visit here a couple of years ago, we discovered a basket full of rare, 30-50 year old,  Ham Radio Club rubber stamps from around the world, in a dusty old Antique Shop. I recognize the interesting one in the upper left as one of them. We were quite happy about our find and so, we had to celebrate once again!  That was a gas Gunter! Thanks for the memory.
Close up of the rubber stamp I was talking about above. We collected quite an assortment of these old fashioned, long handled rubber stamps. There was a treasure trove of them  and they were pretty inexpensive too!  As to how these wonderful rubber stamps from all over the world came to be consolidated into that large woven basket remains a mystery.  The shop owner was of no help since these had been in there for years.  Leave it to the two Towers to discover and pillage the incredible, nearly hidden cache! 
 Gunter also sent this card - nicely encased in plastic. The three have the appearance of a Living Tribunal, ready to decree judgement! Beware of the Living Tribunal - I think everybody has one in their head.
These two characters seem like two Cosmonauts greeting us from a great distance away from Earth. Thanks Cousin Arty. I am enjoying the mail art very much and am about to send something to Germany quite soon.  Sure miss my old friend. ARTTOWERS Mail Art.

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