Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Heebee Post #826 - Michael Harford - North Manchester, Indiana - USA

 This classic appealing postcard from Michael almost has a "Squid Patrol" look to it. I've been sending out S.P. postcards lately, especially to those that send me something. The above card is fun and positive and denotes another era where futures were "assured".  Not so much these days! The card has a good clean vibe to it and a nice heft as well, since it is mounted on thick artist board. Nice job Michael!
The reverse side of Michael's card continues in coolness and even contained the above stamp. I'm not sure about slighting the Postal Service - seems like some bad mojo. It is in a fun spirit, so maybe it's okay. And thank you for the kind note, I appreciate that.  I have something else for you; which shall be going out tomorrow. See you in the mail Michael and thank you very much. Michael's mail call: The World is a Town..

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