Monday, August 20, 2012

Heebee Post #824 - Wolfgang Skodd (Banana Underground) - Dortmund - Germany

 The Banana Underground sends in this well-seasoned looking mouse trap with directions on how to avoid it safely.
Okay, what the heck is Wolf all about here?  That is not a sign you see everyday. What Wolf is trying to get across is that the Russian female  Avant Garde/Punk  performance artists, known as Pussy Riot are imprisoned for two years because the Russian government did not enjoy their criticism against them. Hence, "Free Pussy Riot". Personally, I rather had got a kick out of their act. See how you like them (and what got them in trouble). Pussy Riot performance. See ya in the mail Wolf - And by the way, I also think they need to be freed from prison - not right!   .

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