Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heebee Post #822 - RCBz - Saint Clown, Minnesota - USA

 This 'Rodeo Loco-Revelation' postcard stirred up a bit of deja vu when I discovered it once again in my post box. Roy was kind enough to send another issue of the his sterling "Rail Rodeo" postcard after the first one I received had a fierce scraping in the center. What a beauty! A prize winning re-submission by digital cowboy RCBz. The great color combo really enhances the fantastic Fairgrounds. The other side of this eye pleaser consists of a friendly note that explains him sending the second card; to which I say thank you very much Roy.
The envelope that carried the Rodeo card is decorated only with 3 of the Calder US postage stamps. I am a big Calder fan and so I'm sure I am appreciating these more than most folks. Gorgeous set that was hand canceled (all 3!). That, in itself, is interesting. Thank you very much Roy, Your work is stunning. See ya in the mail (sent out this morning).

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