Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Heebee Post #825 - Crackerjack Kid - Hancock, New Hampshire - USA

 Long time distinguished mail artist, the Crackerjack Kid, wasn't fooling around when he created this fascinating "Celebrate Lunacy" artistamp sheet. This is really a gorgeous specimen of the genre. These lovelies are made of adventure, intrigue, mystery and fortune - the perfect recipe for Heebee Jeebeeland! The great colors take it even further to create a state of wonder for the beholder. A super job by the well known artist!
I thought a closer look of one of the little beauties was warranted. I wish I could have scanned and reproduced it here a bit better, but you get the idea.     
 What you are seeing above is both sides of a self portrait of the Kid.  The little note reads: "Some Heebeegeebees comin thru for you too".  Perfect .
 Also found in the envelope was the little Fluxus artistbook, "Cyberstamp", seen above with a few of it's pages opened up.
I have been a fan of Crackerjack Kid's wonderful artwork for a long while and it was with great delight that I pulled this envelope from my post box, as it is my first from him. There are some very interesting features on the entertaining envelope. A rubber stamping commemorating the 50th anniversary, U.S. Postage "Chicago Flight 1933",  and a second stamping "Omaha Zeppelin" are fabulous. The Masonesque "Free Fluxus Zone" is also a splendid detail as is the unusual double cancellation in the top center. Thank you very much CJK, love this stuff! Be seeing you in the mail!

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