Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heebee Post #938 - Crackerjack Kid - Hancock, New Hampshire - USA

 It is somehow fitting that I should post this magnificent cosmic postal carrier from the mail art savvy Crackerjack Kid on the evening that I learn that Saturday delivery in the United States will no longer be possible after August  of this year. Ugh! I like the groping arms, yearning for mail art!. The card has an eerie MC Escher sense to it while the Postman imparts an aura of importance to the correspondence he has for you!
  I am sure enjoying the inimitable Kid's style here on the reverse side of the entertaining card. It reminds me of my Dad's High School scrapbook - that would be in the 1930's - I love that odd appeal!

 The Kid asks if I have a sheet of the "I cannot tell a lie" stamps,  a symbolic Pinocchio nosed George Washington speaking for Enron, the Federal Reserve and other institutions, businesses and people who have been less than honest with the public. They look great next to the authentic US postage! Well, the answer is no, I do not have these in my collection! But,  I would sure like a sheet of those stamps though. I'll find something around here to trade with ya!  Nice to hear from you Kid, I enjoy your cards immensely - I just sent something to you yesterday. Hope you like it!

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