Monday, February 11, 2013

Heebee Post #941 - Suus in Mokum - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Like a  Jazzy black crayon and watercolor version of a 1950's Television test pattern, it feels good to just stare into Suus's eye catching and mesmerizing  postcard.  I, long ago, read a beat up pulp fiction paperback about the CIA secretly spiking drinks with LSD in the North Beach bars in San Francisco during the beatnik era.  This could have been the cover for that crazy book! Love it Suus!
The Suus in Mokum creature (Snow Man?) is fun and friendly to behold - I love that thing and it fits Suus nicely. Thank you very much my friend and see you in the mail! Check her interesting art-life blog. Suus in Mokum  Mail Art. 

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