Friday, February 15, 2013

Heebee Post #943 - Otto D Sherman - New York, New York - USA

 Prolific Mail Artist and creative Artistamp engineer, Otto sets out on another Philatelic adventure. The detail in that Russian postage is incredible even if the subject is a major goofball - and I could easily go on about Syrian President Al-Assad because of the extent of his destruction and indifference to the lives of the Syrian people. It seems to me that Al-Assad will not live to be an old man. What a mess his country is in.  Meanwhile, the stamp just next to it, a Belgian Artistamp, looks to be from another world.

I love the 'Lost Continent" look of this unusual Artistamp.  Looks more like the Belgian Congo with the elaborate headdress and regalia. A great feel to this wonderful stamp.
 The other side of the card is the puzzling evidence seen above.  As if a movie star quail. Such is the whimsy of genius!
 The second postcard from Otto reveals that he may be chewing tobacco! Rather a common sight out here in the boonies but, New York City? Ugh!  Once again, incredible stamps mit Razierklinge!
I have even more Mail Art on my art desk from Otto and I shall be posting it soon. Love those great voltage meter rubber stampings.  And that 'free for all' in the center is beautiful in it's chaoticness. Thanks very much Otto - You'll be seeing me in the post box quite soon! Otto Art.

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